About me:

I grew up in regional Victoria, and moved to Melbourne to study Sports Medicine. Im in my second year of uni and my ultimate job would be to work for the Geelong Footy Club. Im the oldest of four kids and the first to move out of home so I’m lucky Mum still sends me care packages and does my washing when I go home. I discovered Nando’s while still living at home, but since moving to the big smoke and having a Nandos just around the corner I’ve taken to eating it more and more. Not just cos its yum, but cos its quite good for me too, and the Nando’s advertising stuff always gives me a good laugh. I love everything about nando’s from the food to the people to just the feeling I get when I chill out at the store... they’re just cool, really really cool.

Lucy likes:

Lucy Dislikes

  • Anyone who’s doesn’t understand / love / admire / want to be NANDOS
  • Smelly people on public transport... EWW
  • lecturers who are boring - but at least it gives me time to decide what to get from nandos
  • people who spit when they talk
  • Close talkers - give me some space people
  • When people steal my peri peri chips - seagulls!
  • Bland boring tasteless uninteresting food

picture of me

picture of me
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